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We know that you, like us, take pride in the Anderson Parks

Our parks are not just spaces; they’re vibrant, sustainable spaces that enrich the lives of everyone in our community.


The Anderson Foundation for Parks and Recreation, a dedicated 501(c)(3) organization, is committed to  fundraising for the Anderson Park District. 


Alongside them, The Friends of Anderson Parks, our community-focused group, is driving support through of Anderson Parks and Recreation through philanthropy, volunteer engagement & advocacy.  Together, we’re backing transformative park projects including dugout shades at Beech Acres & Veterans Parks, playground improvements at Veterans Park and the Red Barn Shelter at Juilfs Park.


Friends like you help to advance the Anderson Parks’ mission. In return for your support, every Friend enjoys a chance to win VIP parking at Anderson Day and will receive recognition in the Park Guide.


By becoming a Friend of Anderson Parks, you’ll be making a direct investment to the importance of our parks as a community center point, providing a haven for all to play, gather, and grow.

Join us as a Friend of Anderson Parks today!

You will receive a confirmation notice once we process your application and tax-deductible donation.  If you've selected a level with a lifetime memento, we will be in touch with information on next steps.  We'll keep you updated about upcoming Friends events via email, and you can also stay in the loop via our Facebook and Instagram pages.

The Anderson Foundation for Parks and Recreation, a 501(c)(3) organization, is the fundraising arm of the Anderson Park District. Donations and gifts are tax deductible under Title 26, Chapter 1, Section 170 of IRS Code and Section 92 of the ORC. The value to be deductible for gifts is determined by the tax advisor of the donor or by approved appraisal.

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